The manopoly at Newsweek

“Speaking of Esquire, it may be the only magazine that uses more testosterone in its ink than Newsweek.”

Writer David Carr adds his two cents as to how Newsweek can change, including adding more female writers.

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The end of men…and the start of the male victim

We are seeing the rise of the male victim; sometimes it’s an accurate description, sometimes it’s not. Maybe we should call it the new Victim Meninism? Or, male victimology 101? (pay backs, you know)

This article “The End of Men” is full of so many fallacies it’s a wonder it got published. In regard to South Korea, where I worked for several years, ultrasound is still used to tell the baby’s sex – even though it’s illegal. These days, there is more gender parity at birth but they are still dealing with the gender inbalance from years of son preference. Furthermore, China and India still have son preference and use abortion or infanticide on female fetuses.

The End of Men

Not the End of Men

Here’s a video on the Daily Show about men’s rights –

UN and women

Alas, more sad news….

A recent court case in New York confirmed that you can’t sue United Nations officials on the basis of gender discrimination.  Lucky for them.  A quick look at UN practices in hiring, promotions, assignments, dispute settlement, compensation and high-level appointments suggests a clear and systematic pattern of bias against women.  “If the UN were a private company located in New York City, it might have gone bankrupt years ago from paying off gender discrimination settlements,” says one UN insider, a man with long experience in these issues with only slight hyperbole. 

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