Of men and monsters

Let’s face it, there’s men – the wonderful, supportive partners and allies we have in this world – and there’s monsters – the ones responsible for the estimated 1.5 to 3 million deaths of women each year on this planet. That’s a Holocaust every 3 years. That’s “lynching” based on gender. That’s senseless deaths – that shouldn’t be inevitable for being born female in this world.

Male monsters — girl buried alive for being a girl and the world shrugs

Welcome to my world, Peter Daou. For years, we’ve been talking about gender-based violence, where your only guilt is being born female, and the world simply shrugs when you turn up tortured, mutilated and dead. Ho-hum, another day, another death. It’s so much more interesting to talk about the men and women being killed in Iraq or Afghanistan. It’s so much more exciting to hear about terrorists acts that kill several dozens. One and a half to three million deaths a year? Who has time to read about that? And, quite frankly, who cares if another woman dies – aren’t they just like buses –another will be along in a few minutes? Yes, that’s the world we’ve been living in — and now, hopefully, since our male allies are starting to read about it, write about it and show concern – now, just maybe, things will change. (It shouldn’t, however, take men to write about this issue for it to change – that’s quite sad – sad to know that “women’s issues” are somehow not important – so, on both accounts, yes, things have got to change – and soon.)

Setting aside the existential conundrum, one thing I know for certain: we can’t stop jumping up and down, screaming at the top of our lungs, donating money to organizations that help women, telling our friends and families, doing everything in our power to stop these male monsters from continuing their savagery against women and girls.

So stop shrugging and start jumping up and down already – because our lives depend on it

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