Believe women

Here are 3 cases of domestic violence where the system failed the victims. As a result, five people in total died. In Cassandra’s case, she was killed at the age of 24 in front of her mother and sons. She feared her ex-husband, but nobody seemed to take that seriously. She followed court orders – to her peril. When she returned to Britain, her ex stabbed her to death.

Following a court order killed her

Young mother fled to Sydney to save her life

The other case involves 32-year-old Brandy Schneider. Her batterer had a great lawyer (no surprise there, batterers often have more resources and can afford better legal representation). He also had  SUPERVISED VISITATION – despite his prior convictions of battering and sexual assault. It’s rare that parental rights are terminated – perhaps it’s time to review this policy.

Friends of Brandy Schneider speak out over double murder-suicide investigation

This third case involved a woman who separated from her partner – separation is the most dangerous time for a woman – and survived his attack. Their daughter, only 4 years old, did not.

Jilted lover shoots dead daughter and leaves mum fighting for life in a crazed attack in Aldershot 

Notice that the women in these cases all WANTED their partners to have access to the children. This is consistent with research findings – the majority of women want their ex-husbands or partners, even if they were abusive, to have contact with their children.

Note too how this last article ends  – kudos to the Mirror for providing this bit of info from a professor –



Expert on family annihilators

TYPICALLY the motive in a family annihilation is revenge.

It is normally preceded by a nasty separation, divorce or child custody battle and the primary target is almost always the wife who is blamed by the man for all his miseries.

He decides to get even by killing everything associated with her and everything she loves.

There are also cases where a man sees a murder-suicide as altruism. He may have lost his job or be in debt and cannot provide for his family. He takes their lives before his life believing they are better off dead.

Most cases develop over years, not days, but there is usually a catalyst – a negative, life-changing event. It takes several factors working together.

Whenever I read about the reason for the murders, I am amazed that it’s women that are stereotyped as vengeful. Mind you, I am against all stereotypes so it’s not like I want men to be stereotyped as vengeful. It’s just that the Men’s Rights and Fathers Rights activists are always talking about false allegations (women lie), female violence/vengeous/malicousness, women witholding access, etc. – and then when I read these articles and domestic violence research, I find the opposite – I find that many women follow court orders, provide accusations in good faith, want violent partners to have contact, etc.  It’s not a matter of he said – she said, this ridiculous refrain belittles a very serious situation – we must get to the truth of the matter and we must protect the lives of women, men and children in domestic violence – starting with relying on fear as an indicator of homicide.

One comment on “Believe women

  1. Jennifer Drew says:

    Andy Copland succeeded in murdering Julie Harrison because she subsequently died of gunshot wounds. Copland was the male who lived in Andover and committed femicide against Ms. Harrison and her daughter Maisie.

    I have yet to read of innumerable female partners murdering their male/ex-male partners because research shows that each week here in the UK alone every week two women are murdered by their ex/current male partners.

    The term ‘family annihilators’ is deliberately misleading and is used to hide the fact it is overwhelmingly male/ex-male partners who are committing murders against women and children. The correct terminology is male terrorism against women and children. I note expert Jack Levin does name the gender of perpetrators later in extract but clearly he cannot bring himself to name the gender of perpetrators but instead deliberately hides which gender is committing these crimes against women and children.

    The primary reason why so many men are committing femicide against ex/current female partners is because they believe their female partner is their private sexual property and when she dares to leave the relationship this is a direct challenge their pseudo male entitlement and ownership of women. Patriarchial society has not ended but is very much alive and well.

    Common excuses claimed by these male perpetrators is that their life circumstances changed, including redundancy, debt, etc. all of which are excuses used to justify the criminal actions of these perpetrators. Women too face difficulties but they do not routinely engage in homicide. Pro-feminist academic Jeff Hearn has written extensively on men’s violence against women and particularly men’s violence within the so-called ‘private sphere.’ Likewise Lundy Bancroft is another pro-feminist academic and expert on men’s violence committed against their female/ex-female partners. Bancroft has written a book entitled Why Does He Do That? which analyses the innumerable ways male perpetrators justify/excuse their violence against female partners and their children.

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