“Nice guy” kills wife

Jeez, they just never stop, do they?

‘Well-liked Palm Beach County employee kills wife:  “She was cheating on me. I caught her and now it’s done.”

This article begins with the headline “well-liked” county employee shoots cheating wife. Well-liked? How many murderers get such nice treatment from the media? Only if they’re white, middle class and male (am I missing any other characteristics?) The wife, who was just shot dead by this killer in front of their 9-year-old daughter, is branded a cheater. Do they have proof of that? 

And custody of the child? Yeah, she goes to the killer’s parents. They did such a good job raising him, didn’t they? Killer’s determine custody. Jailed convicts determine custody. They kill their wives and get custody of their children. Where is the justice?

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