Double standards

In this corner, we have a mother who was intoxicated and passed out in her mini-van. Her toddlers wandered away.

Broward police: Mom found passed out drunk in car; toddlers left to wander

A Broward judge had harsh words Thursday morning for a Cooper City woman accused of getting behind the wheel of her minivan while intoxicated and passing out in the driver’s seat, leaving her two barefoot toddler children to climb out and wander nearly two miles from their home.

Her punishment –

The mother was charged with driving under the influence and child neglect. Thursday evening, she remained in the North Broward jail in Pompano Beach with bail set at $5,000.

And in this corner,  we have a father, with multiple allegations/charges against him, accused of neglect in the death of his son.  

New state documents gave a startling look Friday at the criminal history of Michael Reese, the Port Orange father who claims to have fallen asleep when his son and another teenager overdosed on his OxyContin.

Further details –  

A DCF report shows Jeremiah Reese also took morphine and oxycodone while his father had been home, apparently also under the influence. Police said the teenager and a friend popped several pills.

Updated details –

Police said the father told them he was asleep much of the time the boys were there. Police said the father is on a lot of pain pills for a medical condition and was under the influence when they questioned him. His son Jeremiah was dead on the couch, surrounded by narcotics that likely belonged to dad, and homemade smoking and snorting devices, police said.

His treatment –

“The Department of Children and Families said it didn’t have proof that the teenager was in danger until he died.”

“”This was a tragedy,” said Reggie Williams, of DCF. “All of us wish it didn’t happen.”

“”He made that decision,” said the victim’s friend, James Rose. “It’s kind of sad he did. I don’t think his dad needs to take the blame for it.”

“That’s what’s unfortunate — undoubtedly drugs were an issue,” Williams said. “I believe we did everything we could do.”


Women are often held to higher standards than  men when it comes to child care. In the first article, her toddlers wandered away and were unharmed. “Harsh words” and punishment for her! And, I’m not saying she doesn’t deserve it, but get-a-gander at the next article. In this, the father was drunk and drugged while his son and friend took drugs. The son died. And…why shouldn’t the father be blamed? Why should there be more sympathy expressed in this case than in the former?

This is not about igniting a “gender war,” this is about raising awareness of double standards and the effects they have. We need to cut women some slack when it comes to parenting – and hold men to that very same standard. One does not deserve more sympathy, harsher punishment, etc. Both deserve to be held to the same standards and afforded the same treatment.

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