Is it a crime to protect your children?

Apparently, it is. In this case, a mother flees the state to protect her 7-year-old son. Her crime? Violating a visitation order. Her reason? Escalating harassment from her ex-husband. Her punishment? Possible jail time, which could mean the ex-husband winds up with custody.

Recently my friend’s niece fled the state with an infant as she and her baby were threatened to be killed by the father. She went to stay with her family in another state. I warned them that abusers can allege kidnapping, abduction and desertion, depending on what state/family court you go to.  Many parents end up in a geographical prison, bound by courts to appease the ones that abused and threatened them.

Something’s got to change.

Read about the case here: Mom who fled Iowa, ex-spouse risks jail on return

Find out how you can take action here: Stop Family Violence

2 comments on “Is it a crime to protect your children?

  1. miss j says:

    malicious, vindictive, selfish? sounds like you’re looking for the misogynist fathers’ rights blogs, mister. i have no interest in these kind of comments. you’ll find plenty of misogynist sites elsewhere. thanks, but no thanks.

    and proof, you say? i’ve been researching this for years and have spoken to countless protective parents. i know for fact women get screwed for trying to protect their children.

    look elsewhere for reading that’s more in tune with your ideaology.

  2. Arun says:

    Her crime? Attempting to maliciously end a relationship with a son and a father for her own vindictive, selfish means. Perhaps revenge?
    His crime? Harassing the mother. What? What kind of “harassment”? The fact that he wants to see his son and shes denying access???
    This is what you write a article about with absolutely no proof even??
    It’s time these child abusers, the mothers and fathers who deny access to the other parent, ARE THROWN IN JAIL.
    If there is proven child/spousal abuse then a case can be made for denied access, otherwise your Misandric articles should cease.
    I’ve viewed your other articles with your other men haters and seen you have literally made “facts” up.

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