Work place violence or gender-based violence?

I swear that Raymond Clark would never have killed a male colleague in that lab department – this case is not work place violence, it’s gender-based violence:

Chief: Police may never know Yale killing motive

A law enforcement official who talked to the AP on condition of anonymity because the investigation was ongoing and many details remained sealed said Thursday that co-workers called Clark a “control freak” who was territorial about the mice whose cages he cleaned. Authorities are investigating whether that attitude might have set off a clash between Clark and Le.

The guy had a history of being controlling with women –

Neighbor: Raymond Clark ‘very controlling’ of girlfriend

At Clark’s previous residence at a New Haven apartment where he and Hromadka lived until spring, downstairs neighbor Annmarie Goodwin had nothing but bad things to say about Clark.

She said Clark was “very controlling” of his girlfriend, and that he once screamed at her 17-year-old son and unleashed a curse-laden tirade at him.

This is another girlfriend –

Anne Le case: Ex-girlfriend of Raymond Clark says he forced her to have sex 


An ex-girlfriend of Raymond Clark filed a police report in 2003 regarding a high school dispute between the two, according to a police report uncovered by the New Haven Independent.

He has a past that involves controlling and harassing women and the media stress this is work place violence. I don’t buy it.

One comment on “Work place violence or gender-based violence?

  1. RJ says:

    I’m glad you picked up on this. I saw “the phrase” used yesterday and just rolled my eyes.

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