Media frenzy

Here’s a recent article in the Christian Science Monitor about the media frenzy over the murder of the Yale University student. I agree that sensationalized stories get more attention, especially when they involve a pretty woman – the question would be then, why are we so fascinated about the murder of beautiful young girls? They’re often the mainstay of cable tv shows, as well.  

Media frenzy over Yale murder draws criticism

As national media have descended on New Haven to report on the death of an attractive Ivy League student, some are asking why her murder draws more attention than others’ in New Haven. A columnist in The Connecticut Post writes:

What gets all of us about Le’s tragic slaying is that it involves not just any university student, but an Ivy Leaguer. Translation: Someone who might earn beaucoup bucks. Someone who possesses sky’s-the-limit potential. Vivacious and attractive, too. Someone even the most critical parent would be hard-pressed not to like…. Nobody in the Elm City’s ‘hoods has that kind of cachet. Are they worth less? Why don’t their disappearances merit day-in, day-out coverage like Le’s? …

The folks in the ‘hood don’t begrudge the attention Le’s homicide is getting. They just wish somebody’d pay the same attention when their kids disappear, get shot or killed.

Matt Kelley, the criminal justice editor for and a communications manager at the Innocence Project, writes in a blog post that the drama of Le’s case should not be allowed to overshadow other murders:

The intense media coverage of this case is also worth noting. The media focuses on sensational stories, with as much drama as possible – because that’s what we, the news consumers, demand. Le’s story is heartwrenching and dramatic – her body was found on what would have been her wedding day. It’s hard to ignore a tragic story like this, and we shouldn’t ignore it. But the front-page national frenzy around this case shouldn’t obscure the other cases just because they lack the drama.

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