Bias overlooked

I recently posted an article regarding bias in arresting women for domestic violence. The study that’s cited is from a university in the UK:

Women three times more likely to be arrested for domestic violence

Here’s a recent article in a UK paper that states there’s a rise in women committing domestic violence, without mention of why it’s happening other than being ‘fueled by the use of alcohol’ –

Sharp rise in number of women guilty of domestic violence

“It is tragic to see that women now also get very drunk and we are seeing the sort of behaviour (by men) that was always looked down on now with the other gender.

“The most important point is that the aggression that is around, whether it is video games or violent film, is not gender specific and is permeating our culture.”

A total of 2,968 women were convicted of domestic violence in 2008/09, a 268 per cent rise on the 806 guilty in 2004/05.

Convictions for men over the same period increased by 144 per cent but men remain, by far, the main offenders, with numbers increasing from 18,659 to 45,484.

There is a growing concern that women are becoming increasingly violent, fuelled predominantly by increased alcohol abuse.

 Apparently, this writer didn’t see the study.

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