43% of domestic violence cases don’t go to trial (Phoenix)

Came across this article that states 43% of domestic violence cases don’t go to trial – due to the victim being afraid of the perpetrator:

Report: 43% of domestic violence cases don’t go to trial in Phoenix

Carreón-Aínsa said the longstanding challenge of prosecuting domestic violence is dealing with fearful victims who struggle to accuse their husbands, boyfriends and other family members of battery.

In a May 19 e-mail to Phoenix police leaders, he raised concerns about a system in which the city “spent a large about of money with unsatisfactory results” and that the city failed to help victims.

The city responds to nearly 15,000 domestic-violence incidents each year in Phoenix – about 3,000, or 20 percent, of which are considered violent high-priority cases.


More likely (a victim) is more willing to appear in court if she has confidence things are going to go well for her,” Carreon-Ainsa said. But repeat offenders remain a problem in domestic violence cases.

Bill Hart, one of the Morrison Institute researchers who published the August data analysis, said domestic violence the most commonly reported violent crime in Phoenix.

He said the report was intended to generate discussion. For example, data obtained from Phoenix showed that 1,500 released domestic violence suspects were unsupervised after their release, despite some risk for them to repeat the crime.

I’ve heard (and read the comment board on this article) that women should be punished when they fail to press charges or show up in court – I think this report helps dispel the myth of why women don’t do these actions. Also, I’ve read that the physical violence is just not as bad as the rest of the behavior – the coercion and control. So, battered women’s voices are the ones we should rely upon instead of assuming they want to be abused. Moreover, there is not enough affordable housing for battered women and the men often threaten to take the kids (and do). Note some of the comments – esp the one that calls the woman a bleep.


3 comments on “43% of domestic violence cases don’t go to trial (Phoenix)

  1. Miss J, Thank you for your comment regarding our site. Yes, we have lots to offer domestic abuse survivors facing family court.

    Here are two resources we’d like to make available on the topic of litigation abuse and custody disputes:

    Legal Domestic Abuse: How to Successfully Navigate the System … http://www.preventabusiverelationships.com/legal_domestic_abuse.php

    Crazy Making Legal-Psychiatric Abuse …

    All the best!
    Dr. King

  2. miss j says:

    Thank you, Dr. King. Your site is very informative and I see you are familiar with litigation abuse and custody issues for the battered woman. And, I agree, prevention is very important, as is engaging men and boys in this issue. Best to you, Miss J

  3. This dilemma that you point out is truly why prevention is the cure. The danger of staying; the danger of leaving…that is the nightmare. As a domestic violence consulting expert for survivors, Dr. Jeanne King, Ph.D. helps people recognize, end and heal from domestic abuse. Those who recognize the underlying dynamics and characteristics defining domestic abuse heal more quickly and avoid involvement in subsequent abusive relationships.
    For more information about our resources on domestic abuse dynamics and healing, please visit us at: http://www.preventabusiverelationships.com/ebooks.php

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