Brutal murders

I’ve just come across two stories of brutal murders of women that have sickened me – one because of their horrific nature and two because of how we deal with them.

Here’s a story that has a headline where breast implants seem to trump how gruesome this death really was:

Ex-model’s breast implants were key to body’s ID

The remains of a former model whose killing set off an international manhunt for a reality television star were so badly mutilated that investigators had to use the serial numbers on her breast implants to identify her.

This woman was mutilated and the headline uses words like “ex-model”, and “breast implants”? Her former career had less to do with her murder than the fact that she was female. Her implants may have been key to identifying her body but certainly this fact trumped how mutilated she was in this headline.

I remember the case of the gay man tied to a fence and beaten to death – the country was outraged. And when a Black man was sodomized with a bat by police officers, the nation questioned police brutality. Why, then, do we not even blink an eye when a woman was so badly mutilated?

And here’s another one:

Man goes from heroic husband to hammer-wielding wife killer

On January 27, 2007, with his parents downstairs watching TV with the door shut and his infant son in the other room, prosecutors said, Ratley put on a pair of thick black gloves, grabbed a heavy-duty hammer and went into the bedroom where his wife was lying down after taking some medication. He lifted the hammer and “savagely and brutally beat her on the head over and over” — at least seven times, said Assistant State Attorney Bernie de la Rionda.

Aside from strangulation (which, I believe,  is not even against the law in some states when it is attempted), bludgeoning must be one of the most cruel forms of murder.

I’m simply not sure if I’m more sickened, saddened or angered.

2 comments on “Brutal murders

  1. justice4mothers says:

    Thanks for talking about these horrible incidents. I too was horrified by the discussion of the breast implants for identification. There are just so many stories of women being killed in murder suicides, and generally, if it is a white middle class male committing the murder, all they can talk about is what a nice guy he seemed to be. Uggggggh. Love your blog.

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