Where’s the media?

Here are 3 cases, that, had they been mothers, the media would’ve covered them nearly as much as Michael Jackson’s passing.

Dad killed girl to avoid child support  – in this case, the man throws the four-year-old daughter over a cliff in order to stop paying child support. Imagine if a mother hurled her child over a cliff?

80 years for Holcomb – father beats child to death; while this case has received publicity, had it been a mother, her name would be a household name by now

Mesa police now think story of girl lost in ’82 has sad end – this guy probably killed his wife and molested and killed his daughter.  Her accusations of molestation were not taken seriously:

Seventeen-year-old Mindi Chambers vanished in 1982, three days after she told Mesa police her father was molesting her.

There is little evidence of significant investigation into the molestation, and all indications are that her disappearance was treated as another runaway.

Noone believed he killed her mother either:

Mindi was 2 when her mother was found dead in the bathtub of their home in Yonkers, N.Y.

Family and police suspected Mindi’s father, Allen Chambers, of killing his wife, yet none could provide proof.

“Allen appeared on my doorstep that day he found Mary,” said Richie Smith, a retired New York detective once married to Mindi’s aunt, Kali Smith. “He had scratches on his face and arms, yet he was never brought up on charges. They said they had no evidence.”

Soon after, Allen Chambers assaulted a woman and was sentenced to seven years in prison.

Father’s rights supercede child safety:

When Mindi was 5, Chambers was released and demanded custody. With no legal avenue to stop him, Brauer handed Mindi over.

Chambers became controlling and shut out family members. Contact between Mindi and her aunts stopped.

Then on Oct. 16, 1982, Mindi told police that her father had been molesting her for five years, said Det. Michael Melendez, a Mesa police spokesman.

Child abuse should receive equal coverage when it occurs. Hyping women’s child abuse while minimizing men’s abuse distorts the reality of the situation. Research shows that men commit more child abuse than women (when you omit single parent households headed by women, since this is an unfair comparison). This issue is not about the comparison per se, it’s about having higher standards for women in parenting and treating the genders differently in the media.


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