The media…where perps get treated better than victims

In Parents fought for custody of Chesapeake girl who died, Sawyer, the child’s father who killed her, is portrayed like this:

Sawyer, a data network specialist, left the Marine Corps in June 2008, military records show. He was last stationed at Camp Lejeune in North Carolina. He was awarded several medals, including the Marine Corps Good Conduct Medal and Iraq Campaign Medal.

This is all they have to say about the wife:

Kimery, who was in the Air Force, said in an interview that a complaint was filed by a supervisor who, while helping Kimery move, noticed a knife in a roommate’s bathroom and adult videos in her bedroom – areas Carly didn’t have access to, Kimery said.

Sawyer lodged complaints of child neglect against Kimery. Neglect is the most common allegation men make in family court and in many cases it’s a false allegation.

He got temporary custody from a woman who tried to protect her child from him.

Then he did this:

The cause of her death was blunt-force trauma; contributing factors include starvation, ligature restraint, and medical neglect, police said.


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