How feminism has helped abusive men

It’s a little known fact that men’s homicides in domestic violence cases have gone down considerably since the 70s. Since women can go to shelters rather than kill their abusers, men’s lives have been saved. Not so for women. Here’s a great article from a few years ago that has many such interesting facts:

Sisterhood is Powerless

Studies show that the numbers of women killing their husbands and boyfriends have plummeted. Women killed 1,357 intimate partners in 1976. They killed 430 in 1997. The decline was most dramatic in the 1990s, and researchers took serious notice of it a couple of years ago, when the Bureau of Justice Statistics published a landmark paper on intimate homicides.

As is often the case with statistical reports generated by government agencies, only numbers, not explanations, were offered in the report. Since its publication, researchers have scrambled to flesh out some theories. They have come up with three main reasons why intimate murders committed by women have decreased by more than 300 percent in 20 years. Feminism is wrapped up in all of them, whether it be the shelter movement and progressive laws, lower marriage rates or women’s improved status.


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