The Violent Truth

There have been many articles lately on Dr. Tiller’s murder. The pro-life movement has long ago waged a war on abortion and it has been threatening and violent. The media has written on all wars but this one. Now, when they are writing about it, they need to be honest: it’s been about as terrorizing as the Taliban. They don’t bomb girls’ schools, they bomb clinics. They don’t impose modesty, but they try to impose their own morality. They don’t commit murder in the name of honor, but they commit it in the name of what? Righteousness? Justice?

Here are two articles that call it what it is:

A history of violence on the anti-abortion fringe 

Who killed George Tiller?

The “pro-life” movement has never really been about “life” has it? If it were, why wouldn’t it concern itself with:

25,000 youth per year that are never adopted in the US

500,000+ women that die each year from preventable causes in childbirth

Millions of female fetuses aborted or killed in infanticide in Asia

1.5 to 3 million women that die each year from gender-based violence

Why aren’t they concerned that homicide is one of the leading causes of death of a pregnant woman?

It’s not really “life” that they are concerned about, is it? I haven’t even mention war yet. And then there’s the prostitutes (murder is the #1 cause of death), the homeless (life expectancy: 50 years)…

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