Praise to the perps

In Cops: Argument preceded murder-suicide, a 31 year old man shot his girlfriend in the head and then turned the gun on himself. The children, one as young as two years old, were not injured.

While the headline states an argument preceded the killings, the article says a motive wasn’t found:

“We have no motives, just a very unfortunate situation. Very tragic.”

And while we learn the woman attended a community college, we know nothing else about her. We do learn what a nice guy the killer was:

Some neighbors said they often saw the man and the children playing outside in their yard with other kids from the neighborhood. They said the man was polite and talkative, and the couple showed no signs of a combative or violent relationship.

“He was so nice. He would be so active with his kids, throwing balls and running around,” said Debbye Powello, who lives in an apartment across the street. “He seemed to be a very nice man.”

Randy Gray, who lives a few doors down, said he spoke the man several times and he seemed to get along fine with everyone.

“They were just real nice people,” Gray said.

How does a man who kills his girlfriend deserve 4 paragraphs of praise? If a person killed someone on the street, would we praise the killer?

It’s time we acknowledge the lives of the victims, not the perps. They don’t deserve such praise.


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