The man, a former boxer, punches his 4 month old daughter twice and kills her. The attorney says he didn’t show “reckless indifference” to human life because there was a reason for her anger…the baby was crying.

“He was frustrated with a child; the child was crying,” Gale told Judge David Mortensen while Gardea stood at his side with his head bowed. “In very few cases will parents take an action as extreme as Victor’s case. But it does not show reckless indifference to human life because … there was a reason for his anger.”

Read Father’s Fate in Murder Case  in Limbo Until June here.

2 comments on “Indifference?

  1. miss j says:

    These stories infuriate me, too. I was hoping that if I brought them all together that people would see the patterns and demand to see change, too. Don’t lose hope -let’s make changes to right the wrongs. It is possible. 🙂

    We can start with correcting victim blaming – it’s not acceptable – correct people in person or counter these attitudes online.

    We owe this to future generations. Let’s not leave them this legacy.


  2. Melissa says:

    “A REASON FOR HIS ANGER!!!???” What the fuck!? What can a FOUR MONTH OLD baby do to justify punching them in the head?

    Victim blaming has even extended to babies. I’ve officially lost hope for humanity. I’m sorry for cursing , these stories just infuriate me.

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