Liar or denier?

Here’s a somewhat typical case of parental alienation syndrome (PAS). PAS is where one parent (most often the mother) “alienates” or poisons the mind of the child(ren) against the other parent (often, the father). Since most women get custody (because they’ve been the primary caregivers), PAS tends to be a claim used almost exclusively by men.

It’s a claim considered by many to be junk science. It’s not accepted by the American Psychological Association (APA) or the American Medical Association (AMA). It was created by a doctor who many claim was pro-pedophile (he defended child molesters & there are quotes from him about pedophilia) and biased against mothers (for one, PAS is based on the premise that women and children lie about abuse). The fear, however, as a Harvard study reveals, is that PAS can mask child abuse. How do you differentiate child abuse from PAS? You simply can’t  – the effect is the same, fear or hostility towards the abuser. Moreover, PAS tends to negate feelings like fear, depression and hostility that can occur naturally in children going through a divorce process, especially if there’s been family violence.

Here’s the article: Search for girl reveals bitter family split

So, in this case, the mother:

1) seeks a restraining order

2) claims child sexual abuse

3) flees with her 2nd husband and child

The father, on the other hand, claims PAS. We’re told that the child went to visit him in August 2003 and was expected 2 months later. Moreover, he was buying a new home (in hopes to see his child more often) and let the girl pick out her own room. None of that sounds like alienation yet.

By the fall, the mother, her new husband and the child disappear and the father is granted custody (which now makes the woman in contempt, I suppose.)

I don’t know, but, how many people do you know would actually choose to disappear?  Isn’t that a major decision? Is hatred of the father the motivator (says PAS experts) or protection of the child (says protective parents)? Is she lying about the sexual abuse claims or is he denying them? I don’t know what the answers in this case; all I’m saying is, it would take something very serious to make me disappear. Hatred wouldn’t motivate me to disappear – it might motivate me to do other things, but it wouldn’t motivate me to disappear. But, hey, that’s just me.

One comment on “Liar or denier?

  1. Rj says:

    Being on the run is no fun and is a very serious decision that one toils over. Every mother has the instinct and biological right to protect her offspring. Be damned anyone that interfere.

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