The light bulb goes off

There’s been a case going on in Canada where the parents have been battling custody decisions over 3 boys, one of which is 18 years old. The mother accuses the father of “alienating” the children. This is unusual in that men almost exclusively claim women “alienate” children. The claim is referred to as parental alienation syndrome and is not accepted by the American Psychological Association (APA) or the American Medical Association (AMA). In regard to the case, the judge ordered the 2 younger boys to be “deprogrammed.” The 18 year old sibling then fought for custody of his younger brothers – who had become suicidal.

Here’s one story about it here. You’ll find many more on the Internet.

Anyway, the biggest problem with PAS is that it masks child abuse – what’s the difference between a child that has been “alienated” and a child that has been abused? Nothing. Nada. Zilch. The so-called scientific theory is nothing more than a simplistic excuse for a child’s negative feelings towards a parent. In fact, it negates the child’s feelings and beliefs. It also presumes women lie about abuse when women make allegations. It becomes the woman’s claim of abuse vs. the man’s counter claim of PAS. Studies find men accused of abuse use this claim and…get custody.

So, here is an article on Men’s News Daily where the light bulb has finally gone off….well, maybe. The writer is referring to the 18-year-old in the following quotes:

First, he’s not a bit happy with the experts in the case.  He feels strongly that they had theories to peddle and they were going to do so regardless of the realities of the case.  They became advocates for PAS rather than impartial assessors of parental and adolescent behavior.

Protective parents have been saying this all along. Funny, they don’t listen to us when the case involves a mother who is the victim of the PAS witch hunt.

But the interesting wrinkle P.F. puts on the issue of PAS allegations is that once an expert gives evidence of PAS, the court tends to ignore what the child has to say, apparently believing alienation to be an established fact.

Bingo! PAS is unscientific. It needs no evidence but an accusation that Mom is “alienating” Junior. It totally disregards the consequences of divorce on children (depression & hostility), witnessing violence in parent’s relationships or….being abused by your parent. It totally disregards the right children have to their own thoughts, beliefs and values. It tells them their own thoughts are wrong and tries to “deprogram” them.

It is beyond me how courtrooms are able to use such junk science in their decisions. If it takes women making claims against men to get them to ponder how crazy it is to negate children’s feelings, well, then, so be it…but stop the witch hunt that punishes women (fines, jail & loss of custody for making “false” allegations) and puts children in harm’s way (over 58,000 children are place in danger each year, according to the Leadership Council on Child Abuse).

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