No snap

In Woman Gets Eight Years for Fatal Shooting of Husband (Apr 18), where is the “snap”? As you can see from the first paragraph, it clearly seems that this woman “snapped”  – just like all the “nice guys” do when they kill their wives.

A Fairfax County woman who fatally shot her husband after spray-painting an angry diatribe about him on their driveway was sentenced yesterday to eight years in prison for voluntary manslaughter.

No, I’m not advocating reporters use the term “snap” or that we put it in the DSM as a mental condition leading to domestic homicide, but, come on, why do “nice guys” “snap” and women appear mentally deranged?

The guys (probably Men’s Rights Activists – MRAs) on the comment board are up in arms about the short sentence for this woman and believe it’s due to her gender. True, it does seem short, but they must not have read, “Pr. William Slaying Results in Six-Year Term,” where a man got 6 years for fataling beating another man.

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