Will Senator Slasher please step down

Blogger Amy Siskind (Did This Senator Beat Up His Girlfriend?)   reports that not only are Democrats ignoring New York Hiram Monserrate’s (D-Queens) alleged (“alleged” because even abusers need some political correctness every now & again) violence toward his girlfriend, they are throwing money his way: They are fundraising for his legal defense.

Which is worse: political leaders remaining silent about a colleague who slashes his girlfriend’s face, or political leaders actively funding and supporting the criminal slasher?

Hmm, that’s a tough question for those without a conscience.  

Members of the Democratic Party should have demanded that Monserrate step down immediately. Instead, not only have the Democrats in the New York State Senate stayed silent, they are also working to establish a legal defense fund for Monserrate

Hmmm, isn’t it ironic that those who commit hate crimes are loved so much? (Hate crimes against women, that is. We all know we wouldn’t be swearing in a Senator that just beat up a Black or Hispanic person.)

Read The New Agenda’s request asking Senator Monserrate to step down here.

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