Where’s the snap, cackle & pop?

Sherry married Sydney Bryant when she was about 17 years old, according to news reports that place her age at 61 and her wedding date at 1965. They had a son in his early 40s, so he must have been born around the time they got married.

Last Sunday, she killed her estranged husband and then took her own life.

In various news accounts, there were “issues” or “domestic issues” in their marriage. Gee, you mean there was DOMESTIC VIOLENCE, such as physical or emotional abuse? Would reporters call assaults on the streets “issues”? Is that what our neighborhoods are suffering from…issues?

This woman put up with over 40 years of abuse is my bet and that’s based on statistics. The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence states that 70-80% of Intimate Partner Homicides (funny, they never refer to it as “crimes of passion” like www.whiotv.com did) of either gender experienced male-perpetrated violence prior to the murder.

So, based on how newspapers report on domestic violence cases where the man kills his wife/ex-wife/girlfriend (you know, the “nice guy” “snaps” and kills the woman who has been nagging/complaining/threatening to leave him), why don’t women get the same treatment?

1) Where are the kind words about her by her own friends and neighbors?

2) Why is it that she didnt’ inexplicably “snap” after years of marriage to this man?

3) Why isn’t he to blame for his murder?

Hmmm, sure seems odd why domestic violence is treated so different depending on your sex….


Read the NCADV fact sheet here.

Investigator: Woman in murder-suicide left letter that “alludes to some issues” by Nancy Bowman (April 5, 2009)

Couple had hostile history Police were called to home 12 times before murder-suicide By Nancy Bowman (April 7, 2009)


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